Tree House – St. Louis Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant


Tree House St. Louis Vegetarian and Vegan on South Grand

Tree House offers modern vegetarian and vegan cuisine in a unique and inviting setting.  We strive to create exciting dishes that stimulate the palate and highlight the plethora of fruit, vegetables, nuts and legumes that grow locally and regionally throughout our seasons. We hope to showcase these offerings as a part of our mission to implement sustainable business practices, support cruelty-free living for all animals, and uphold reverence for our earth and the environment.

We proudly offer our vegetarian and vegan dining experience in the wonderful Tower Grove – South Grand community.

Vegan and Vegetarian Fare, Thoughtfully Prepared

Tree House offers food forward, plant-based cuisine, simply prepared and with as little processing as possible. We fabricate everything in-house with our talented team of chefs and we hope that you enjoy our dishes as much as we do!